About Us

When it comes to selling your house for cash, it’s incredibly important to choose the right company. The unfortunate truth is that there are many in this industry who are misleading and even predatory. That’s where Forged Homes comes in. Forged Homes exists to provide legitimate, trustworthy, and quick cash offers on homes, helping people through tough times throughout Michigan.

"At Forged Homes, we want to build something bigger, together.
Come experience the Forged Homes difference."

Forged Homes: Real Estate Developers with a Big Heart

After years of working in the vacation home and vacation rentals industry of beautiful locations like Hawaii and Turks and Cacos, the founders of Forged Homes felt that something was missing. Being from the Metro-Detroit area, Spencer and Evan missed their community and wanted to find a way to give back. That was the idea behind creating Forged Homes.

With Spencer’s degree in Urban Development and their ties to the Detroit area, Forged Homes became their way to provide help to those in uniquely challenging times. By providing cash offers for houses in the Detroit-Metro area and throughout Michigan, Forged Homes invests in the state, the community, and most importantly, the people. Through competitive and legitimate cash offers, Forged Homes aims to pump money back into the area, helping create opportunities from the individuals on up while also developing the homes in the area.

Beginning in the summer of 2021, Forged Homes has been able to expand its efforts in development down into the Cincinnati, OH market. With the help of its new partner, Forged Homes is now able to bring a positive change to two Midwest cities that mean so much to the team.

Helping Our Community From the Individual Up

Banks only care about their own bottom lines, often turning their backs on the communities where they operate. Their focus on their institution and executives removes their emphasis on individual connections. Instead, they tend to focus on their own institution and the executives running it. At Forged Homes, we are here for you, period.

At the End of the Day, It’s Not About the Money

Here at Forged Homes, the main priorities are you and the community. Forged Homes offer real help to those who need it by providing easy and quick cash offers on homes throughout Michigan and Ohio. Services from Forged Homes help build up the community by empowering and creating opportunities for the wonderful people living here.

Developing Homes, Creating Jobs, and Building Up Good People

No one should be judged by the financial situation they may find themselves in. Forged Homes helps those who are struggling by providing the most competitive cash offer possible for their home. By providing the highest cash offers, Forged Homes helps develop the communities, create new jobs, and give a boost to those people who need it the most. The end result is a stronger community and a stronger individual.