Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash Instead of Through a Realtor

Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash Instead of Through a Realtor

Selling a house never seems to be easy, does it? There always seems to be something else to do or some hoop to jump through throughout the never ending process. While that may be true in a lot of cases, there is a way to sell your house fast, easily, and end up making more money. Selling your house for cash has a lot of perks, but here are the top three reasons to avoid a realtor.

These are the Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash

Sell Your House Fast

Selling your house through a realtor takes, on average, 55-70 days on the market. This includes the time spent on the market as well as the closing period after an offer is accepted. While this does seem like a long time already, it doesn’t even include the amount of time spent contemplating listing the house or the time spent making repairs. In the end, selling a house takes a really long time.

Selling your house for cash allows you to avoid many of the processes that take up so much time. Rather than listing, staging, and showing your house to dozens of people, or more, selling your house requires a meeting with an organization that buys houses. This also allows you to avoid having to make repairs or alterations on your house before selling, as these organizations buy houses as-is. Because of these time-savers, selling your house for cash can be done in as little as 30 days, or less.

Get More for Your House

Another enticing reason to choose to sell your house for cash is for the money. Selling your house through a realtor usually includes a lot of fees, hidden and otherwise. Without factoring in the amount of time you spend just to get your house ready to list and sell, selling a house ends up costing a lot more than you think. Real estate commissions are typically around 6%, but that only makes up a part of the total closing closets. You also have to factor in transfer and property taxes, fees for attorneys, title insurance, escrow fees, and more. After everything is said and done, you end up losing about 10% of your sale price.

For some people, that’s just an unacceptably high number. That’s why one of the best reasons to sell your house for cash is because of the savings. Eliminating the commissions and fees for things like staging, cleaning, landscaping, inspections, and home improvements, means you aren’t spending anything to sell your house.

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It's Much Easier Than Using a Realtor or Selling on Your Own

Look, the bottom line is that selling your house for cash, instead of going through a realtor, is just way easier. When you decide to list your house on your own or to go through a realtor, you know it means there’s a lot of work coming your way. All of the time and energy spent jumping through hoops to get your house ready to sell is overwhelming and exhausting. Staging the house and showing it ends up being tedious and inconvenient, while the inspections and resulting repairs cause a ton of stress.

Selling your house for cash means you get to avoid a lot of the stress that results from selling a house through a realtor or by owner. The freedom from inspections, weekend house showings, costly and difficult repairs makes selling your house a much easier and less stressful process. The most important thing when choosing to sell your house for cash is to choose the right organization.

Forged Homes Makes Selling Your House for Cash Easy

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