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Forged Homes:
Building Something Bigger, Together

It’s safe to say that in the Midwest, when it rains, it pours. We know the residents of Detroit, Cincinnati, and their surrounding areas are strong and resilient people who deserve a fair shot. When it comes to selling your house for cash, finding a legitimate company to partner with can be difficult. Here at Forged Homes, we believe in building something bigger, together.

Get Cash for Your Home Quickly & Easily

While most companies offering cash for homes are in it for a quick buck, Forged Homes has a different priority: you. Above all else, Forged Homes aims to help you by making a fair and competitive offer for your house. By offering a quick and easy way to sell your house for cash, Forged Homes can help provide opportunities to overcome hardships.

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A Quick, Easy, and Legitimate Way to Get Cash for Your House

No matter what your situation is, the team at Forged Homes wants to get you a legitimate and competitive cash offer for your house. This quick and easy process helps you avoid the hassle and headaches of selling your house the conventional way. Without having to worry about finding a real estate agent, listing the house, showing the house, waiting for a buyer, and then paying those hefty fees, you get to miss out on all the stress. The best part is we buy houses in any condition, no repairs necessary.

Forged Homes Provides Customized Offers for Situations Including:

  • Navigating and overcoming foreclosure
  • Being laid off or losing your job
  • Divorce
  • Acquiring and managing an estate
  • Health and financial issues relating to COVID-19

Foreclosure Solutions

The Forged Homes Difference: Fair & Competitive Offers

Our approach to buying your house for cash is trying to help you make the best out of a difficult situation. No two deals look the same because the team at Forged Homes understands that no two houses or situations are the same. That’s why Forged Homes provides individual deals based off of individual homes, situations, and people.

What Makes Forged Homes Different?

  • You get individual attention and consultation from a person who truly cares.
  • The Forged Homes team makes a fair & competitive offer to help you deal with foreclosure and other hardships.
  • We believe in building a better, stronger community, together.

Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash to Forged Homes:

Quick and easy way to sell your house for cash

Less stress for you

Forged Homes buys houses throughout Michigan and Ohio in all price ranges and in any condition

No upfront/out-of-pocket expenses to you

No need to list your house on the market

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